Why planting corals is better than planting trees

Trees can burn in wildfires or die in droughts or by harvesting, re releasing their carbon back into the atmosphere. Most trees that are harvested end up as paper, and once thats disgarded, its carbon returns to the atmosphere.

Corals cant burn. When they die, their bodies contains a minimal amount of biomass. Their stony skeletons stay intact.

Unlike trees, corals never stop growing ! Some species can grow for hundreds of years. They are colonial animals and just keep expanding in size if the conditions allow it. Trees take many years to grow large enough to start significantly reducing carbon.

There is plenty of space to grow more corals since oceans cover 71% of the Earth. There is a limited amount of land to grow trees, much of it in private hands.

Many tree farms are monoculture. All of our coral reefs will be as biodiverse as possible.