Coral CO2 Offsets

Many of the activities that we do, as we go about our daily lives, burn fossil fuels as an energy source and emit CO2 into our atmosphere as an unwanted byproduct. About 82% of our energy needs are derived from burning fossil fuels. Cars, trains, buses, and planes, electricity for heating and cooling, and industrial processes all, with a few minor exceptions, create CO2.

There are other greenhouses gases such as methane, nitrous oxides and even water vapor, but CO2 is by far the one which is most responsible for long term man-made global warming and climate change.

Corporations are increasingly becoming concerned about their Green Credentials. Their shareholders are becoming vocal about doing business in an environmentally sound way that doesn't contribute to global warming. Many are already purchasing offsets or offering them to their customers to reduce their Carbon “footprint” .

Environmentally responsible companies are answering the call of their share holders and workings towards becoming Carbon neutral.

Already some energy suppliers of natural gas and oil are offering their customers the chance to purchase CO2 offsets for their energy usage. This is the wave of the future and will become increasingly important as we work towards stabilizing this existential crisis that threatens all life on Earth.

As a person who is concerned about the future of our planet for yourself and your children, you also probably want to reduce your CO2, or Carbon “footprint”. But doing things such as driving less, traveling by planes less, using less hot water or electricity, buying consumer goods would all require a dramatic change in your lifestyle.

This is where CO2 offsets can give you another option, allowing you to maintain your present lifestyle but still minimize or eliminate your carbon footprint and live a more environmentally responsible life.

In summary, planting coral reefs as a method for reducing CO2 to reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is an idea whose time has come. Let's put our resources behind it and make it happen.