I dedicate this page to the children important in my life, whose quality of life will be degraded by the decisions us adults have made. 

First and foremost I dedicate my efforts to relieve climate change/global warming to ALL of the children of the world, who have no power yet, and whose future is being sold out by ignorant greedy individuals and corporations that are sacrificing your future for more money.

And by those adults who know about this problem and AREN'T DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I most humbly apologize. The adults of this world have indeed let you down. I will use my best efforts for the rest of my life to work on this problem.

And most importantly, I dedicate it to Junechan Wilder and Kit. I have to do it, for you. 

And to my two sons, one of whom gets it, and one of whom is having too much fun to care – that may be a good thing.

And also I dedicate my efforts to my "second family" of students in Japan. Naho, Maochan, Yuichan, Himari, Kanade, Emiry, Yutaro, Chihirochan, and their parents.

And especially to Mihochan, and Aroechan who have been dealt an unfair hand in life by growing up institutionalized, and really deserve a break.

Special thank you to some of my past employees who particularly contributed greatly to our success. I hope you will get in touch with me again so I can thank you properly.

Christy Ihlo

Jeremy Kemp

Matt Brinkman

Palmer Curry

Chase Curry

Callie Godfried

Andrew Holmes

Adam I forgot your last name sorry

and a few whose names I don't have a record of. Sorry about that !

And a big FU to our moronic imbecilic president

And to all of you old white men who are funding this massive disinformation campaign about GW/CC, you dont deserve to live on this beautiful planet, and I wish you all the worst. History will not be kind to you.

And finally to my friends and contemporaries I have already lost along the way

Kevin Pyle, Patti Tabb, Donna Brown, Jon Willig, Sterling Lambdin, Mitch Laughlin, Kenny Houk, Adrian Brown, Linda Pyle, and also to people of character that we have lost such as Peter Jennings, Brad Delp, Jeremy Brett, and Pete Ellstrom Deuel.

I'm sorry you're dead, but I'm not (yet), so I have to take this chance.