About the founder Noel Curry

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Noel Curry is the founder and Chief Scientist of Scientific Coral.

Born in Kansas, United States.

Spent his teenage years in Atlanta, GA.

After senior year High School, lived for 3 months La Paz Centro, Nicaragua, administering vaccinations for measles and polio to young children through a NPO called Amigos de las Americas.

Lived 9 years Tokyo Japan.

AA Emory University

BS in Environmental Science from University of Georgia

MS in Industrial Engineering Texas A&M University.

Masters Thesis:

A Study of Substitution Solvents in the Solvent Extraction Analysis of Poly cyclic Particulate Organic Material (PPOM) and the Effects of Heating Duration and Temperature.

Patent Pending 2020:

Three Methods for High-Volume Asexual Propagation of Octocorallia (Alcyonaria) and Corallimorpharia Soft Corals. Copy available upon request to qualified groups.

Founder of Scientific Coral in 1990, one of the first and largest commercial coral farms in the world. First company to sell live corals on the internet. Successfully propagated over 180 species of hard and soft corals. Director of R&D from December 1990 to December 2010.

Jobs I held, while simultaneously doing coral research: Systems Analyst for CDC Centers for Disease Control Atlanta, Biology teacher Berkmar High School Atlanta, Google Adwords SEM Account Manager,