A third benefit of planting corals

As if carbon removal via photosynthesis and building their stony skeletons wasn't enough of a benefit, dont forget a third benefit of buying corporate or personal coral CO2 offsets. 

You are helping to save the coral reefs !

Our coral reefs are in trouble. Charlie Veron, the leading coral biologist in the world, who wrote the "bible" on corals (Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific) , and who named nearly 25% of the worlds corals, has said that by the year 2030, all of the corals will be gone if quick action isnt taken. (60 minutes Australia TV programme).

It's well know that the coral reefs of the world are under severe stress due to increased water temperatures. from global warming. Climate change makes corals more susceptible to a number of other environmental stresses, including sea-level rise, increased water temperatures, changes in ocean currents, and storm or cyclones. As if that werent enough, damage from human activities such as  dredging, fishing, mining, pollution, tourism, and pollutant concentrations such as excess nitrogen nutrients, pesticides, herbicides and particulates, and changes in salinity and acidity, all affect the health of the coral reefs. 

About 25% of all the organisms in the ocean rely on coral reefs for part of their life cycle. Half a BILLION people rely on the fishing industry for survival. And coral reefs provide an important physical barrier to prevent erosion from the energy of the surf. Coral reefs are essential to the survival of the oceans !