A Message from our Founder

The world produces about 40 billions tons of CO2 each year from burning fossil fuels. 

Intuitively, I think most of us know that the world is not going to give up fossil fuels any time soon. Even in an advanced country such as the United States where we still get 81% of our total energy from oil, coal, and natural gas, (all of which are fossil fuels), even though scientists have been warning of the coming crisis for years. I want to be optimistic that we can solve this. But we need to be realistic about the chances of actually doing it in time going down our current path.

Our economies are massively dependent upon these fuels, and politically the will to make the change over is not there. The disinformation campaigns are heavily funded by a bunch of crotchety old super rich white men who will be dead long before it affects them personally.

The corporations are just too powerful to be forced to change. Plus they have bought and paid for the politicians through special interests campaign contributions which should not be legal. So the politicians don't vote conscience, they vote their pocket books.

According the the IMF, conservative estimates put U.S. direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry at roughly $20 billion per year. The world spent $4.7 trillion USD in 2017 to subsidize fossil fuel use. These figures don't show up the national budgets, but are largely hidden costs to the tax payer and consumer.

Subsidizing fossil fuel exploration and production in a time of record profits for those companies, while exacerbating GWCC is insanity. Your tax dollars are being given to these rich corporations to drill for and produce more oil and gas and even coal at a time we should be rapidly decreasing our use of those.

As much as I wish that people would read and understand the science, I know its not going to happen. Probably you haven't even read a real study, I'm 100%% convinced that people just aren't going to make the change unless they are forced to, in imminent danger, or after its too late.

Sorry to being such a Debbie downer !

Even if we miraculously decided to end our fossil fuel consumption tomorrow, it would take years or decades to make the transition. We dont have that time. With the ever increasing danger of feedback loops rapidly escalating an already bad situation, there is a good chance that the problem will come faster and stronger than even many of our scientists predict.

The stark reality is that the world isn’t going to give up their fossil fuel consumption, at least not in time. We need something fast and strong, that works now.

Enter CO2 offsets. A voluntary way we can reduce our C footprint substantially TODAY.

The voluntary Carbon offset market is steadily growing to be bigger than even the compliance market. People and companies who are willing to take responsibility for their carbon emissions are now investing in offsets which may one day lead them to complete carbon neutrality.

We hope that Scientific Coral will be one of the leaders in the voluntary carbon offset market.